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Forum Energy Technologies

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) was formed in the summer of 2010 in a five-way merger among Forum Oilfield Technologies, Triton Group, Subsea Services International, Global Flow Technologies and Allied Technology.

Today, we're 3,400 employees strong and still growing, going places none of us could have reached alone. We're a worldwide provider of mission-critical products and services to the global energy industry's drilling, production and infrastructure segments.

Our products, designed to solve customer challenges from the refinery to the sea floor, include drilling equipment and spare parts, valves and flow control equipment, subsea remote operating vehicles (ROVs), surface production process equipment such as separators and pressure vessels, and pipeline equipment and applications.

Our combined brands represent some of the best known in the business. And our offices reside in key oilfield distribution centers around the globe where our customers are. In short, FET is ideally positioned to succeed.

The Forum Five

Forum Energy Technologies has been organized into two business divisions -- Drilling & Subsea and Production & Infrastructure -- with our brands and product lines organized under each. Here's an overview of the Forum Five, the companies that came together to form FET.

Forum Oilfield Technologies, now Forum Drilling Technologiess, designs, manufactures, and supplies drilling well intervention and production products for oil and gas drilling and production applications worldwide. Our products include frequently replaced expendable components consumed in drilling and production operations, as well as capital equipment for rig refurbishment and upgrades. Forum has offices in Houston and other key oilfield markets in North America, the UK, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Product brands include Access Oil Tools, AOI Instrumentation, RB Pipetech, CraneSafe, Pipe Wranglers, Baker SPD, OBI, and Vanoil Equipment Inc. In 2011, Forum added PQuip and AMC to this line and in 2012, Merrimac Manufacturing joined the well-known oilfield brands under the Forum umbrella.

Allied Technology, now Forum Production Equipment, is a leading supplier of equipment and related services for oil and gas production and processing from the wellhead to the refinery in three core business areas -- Engineered Process and Production Systems, Measurement and Monitoring Systems, and Construction and Field Services. Based in Houston, Production Equipment has seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Mid-Continent. Product lines are Titan, Midco, M-CO, and Certified Technical Services.

Subsea Services International, split into Subsea and Production Equipment, provides applied products and rental equipment to the pipeline construction industry through Offshore Joint Services (OJS) and C&L Equipment. With over 25 years of experience, OJS is a recognized leader in supplying pipeline field joint coatings worldwide that address corrosion protection, thermal insulation and concrete weight coating infill requirements around the field joint. OJS offices are in Houston and Singapore/Batam, Indonesia. C&L rents and sells mission-critical bending and line-up equipment used in land pipeline construction operations.

Global Flow Technologies, now Valve Solutions, manufactures industrial valves focused primarily on oil and gas production, transmission and refining. Valve Solutions occupies market-share positions in its core markets with four recognizable brands: PBV, DSI, Quadrant and ABZ Valves and Controls. Its products include ball, gate, globe, butterfly and check valves. PBV ball valves are manufactured in the Houston area while international partners produce the other valve brands. From its Houston base, Valve Solutions serves more than 28 countries through direct relationships and also provides valves through affiliated distribution in Canada and South Africa.

Triton Group, now Forum Subsea Technologies, offers cutting-edge subsea technologies and related services to oil and gas companies and other underwater industries from its Aberdeen, Scotland base. Through its Perry and Sub-Atlantic brands, Subsea manufactures a wide variety of market leading hydraulic and electric subsea ROVs for inspection, survey and light intervention duties, as well as deep water heavy construction applications. We also offer a comprehensive range of remote intervention products, tooling systems and operational services, such as offshore personnel recruitment, equipment rentals, management and servicing. Subsea Technologies provides geosciences project management, data analysis and seabed geotechnical coring, as well as software products and services in physics-based simulation and 3D visualization, digital video editing and data management applications. Forum has added to this group with the acquisitions of ROV Specialist Tooling, Syntech and Dynacon. These acquisitions expanded our tooling capabilities and added foam bouancy material and winches and handling systems to our array of subsea products.

Since then Forum has added to its product line with the addition of Wood Flowline, Phoinix Global and SVP, providers of flow line equipment and products as well as flow iron recertification services. The acquistions of Davis-Lynch and Cannon Services has brought us into the downhole tool market. Since then we have added Wireline Solutions to the downhole tool division.